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블루타이거는 국내 최초로 원어민들과 함께 영어로 100% 진행하는 블루타이거 멘사셀렉트 프로그램을 운영합니다.


블루타이거의 멘사 셀렉트 프로그램은 2023년 미국 멘사 협회에서 선정한 멘사셀렉트 멘사보드게임들로 두뇌개발에 도움이 되며,

멘사셀렉트를 활용하여 두뇌개발뿐 아니라 회원 어린이들의 전략적 논리적 사고를 키우게 됩니다.

멘사 프로그램을 이수한 원어민 선생님들과 함께 영어로 진행하는 만큼 언어 노출에도 큰 도움을 주는 최초의 프로그램입니다.

블루타이거의 멘사셀렉트는 2023년 300명의 미국 멘사 회원들이 40시간 이상의 보드게임 마라톤 심사를 통해 선정된 최고의 게임으로

​전략, 공간, 속상, 수연상을 진행하는 프로그램으로 가장 최신작들을 기반으로 활동하게 됩니다.

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1. Trekking Through History : Cultivating Strategic Minds

Embark on an expedition through time with "Trekking Through History"! Immerse your young explorers in the captivating world of historical events, where every decision shapes the course of history. Watch as your children develop strategic prowess by meticulously managing resources through the mystical Time Crystals. As they sequence events, their chronological reasoning flourishes, and the evolving gameplay molds them into adaptable thinkers. Prepare them for a future of astute decision-making through this riveting game.


2.Mille Fiori: Nurturing Financial Flourish

Empower your little entrepreneurs with the brilliance of "Mille Fiori"! This exquisite game hones their trading acumen and financial literacy, fostering an appreciation for the art of trading. As they revel in the intricacies of area-influence and profit management, they grasp the elusive concept of comparative trading strategy. Witness your children blossom into savvy traders, understanding the value of money and power while cultivating their negotiation skills.


3.Gartenbau: Cultivating Creative Minds

Unleash your child's inner artist and strategist with "Gartenbau"! This whimsical board game transforms them into imaginative gardeners, nurturing magical gardens of their own creation. As they plant the seeds of creativity, they learn the art of strategic thinking and cooperation. Simple rules guide them through a journey that blossoms their sense of wonder and shapes them into skilled problem solvers. Let their creativity flourish like a well-tended garden!

4.Akropolis: Crafting Architects of Tomorrow

Ignite your child's passion for architecture and strategic planning with "Akropolis"! Transport them to the grandeur of ancient Greece, where they compete as skilled architects. By adroitly placing tiles and managing resources, they elevate the value of districts through multi-level construction. Witness the fusion of strategic decision-making and resource management, guiding them towards a future where harmonious planning reigns supreme.

5.Boop: Purrfectly Sharpening Young Minds

Prepare your little thinkers for intellectual stardom with the captivating "Boop"! Beneath its adorable exterior lies a game that fosters vital cognitive skills. As they position kittens on the board, spatial reasoning and abstract thinking flourish. Their minds engage in critical analysis, future planning, and outcome prediction. Social interaction thrives, and the mastery of pattern recognition and fine motor coordination takes root. Nurture their burgeoning intellect through this charmingly strategic adventure!

[Bluetiger] Choose Excellence in Play and Learning!

Indulge your children in a world of entertainment where skill development is elegantly woven into the fabric of each game. With "Trekking Through History," "Mille Fiori," "Gartenbau," "Akropolis," and "Boop," you're gifting them more than just games 〝 you're shaping their futures with invaluable skills and knowledge. These enchanting board games are your key to unlocking a world of fun-filled learning that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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